Here Are Some Features Your New Office Phone System Should Have

Are you looking to invest in a new phone system for your busy office? Here are a few features to look for during your search.

Customizable Hold and Music Options

It's important that you are able to customize the hold and music options that are programmed into your office phone system. Instead of choosing from a preset list of radio stations or playlists, you should be able to input your own song lists to play when a phone line is on hold.

You should also be able to customize the messages to play for people who are on hold and waiting to speak to someone within your company. The system should estimate wait times and relay that information to those who are on hold so they have an idea of how long they will be waiting.

If you need callers to provide your office representatives with specific information once a representative gets on the line, you should be able to remind callers while they're waiting on hold by playing automated messages every so often. Special announcements about sales and important changes to your business structure should automatically play for callers who are on hold when you program the system to do so.

Automated Recording Functionality

It's always a good idea to record any phone calls that come into your office so you can screen them for quality assurance and so you have a record of everything that your office representatives say to customers and colleagues in case a legal issue comes up at some point. But you and your representatives might not remember to push the record button every time a phone call is answered.

So it's important to make sure that the office phone system you decide to invest in features automated recording functionality. Every time a phone call gets answered by anyone in your office, the system should start recording it after relaying a short disclaimer about the recording to the caller. All your representatives will have to worry about doing is answering the phone and doing their best to assist the caller.

Video Conference Integration

If there becomes a need to speak with someone face-to-face for some reason, you and your office representative shouldn't have to hang the phone up in order to initiate a video conference call. Instead, you should be able to simply push a couple of buttons to activate video functionality within your phone system. Once your representative and their caller log on to your web video service, they'll be able to continue talking face-to-face without ever having to end the initial phone call.

To learn more, contact a supplier of office phone systems.