Business Phone System Features

A professional business phone system will benefit your company in a multitude of ways. A good phone system will simplify your business's telecommunication needs. Trying to set up a phone system for your business on your own will be very difficult, and the end product won't function as efficiently as a professional business phone system.

Multiple lines

When someone contacts your business through your main telephone number, multiple phones will ring. This means that if the person who regularly answers calls is busy, other people will have the opportunity to answer the call.


If you need to reach someone in your office, you can page them instead of having to call them. This is a much faster and simpler process than having to pick up a phone, dial a number, and wait for the other person to answer.

Conference calls

If multiple employees wish to speak to one another from separate locations, they can communicate through a conference call. This is a great way to have meetings without everyone having to be in one place.

Phone menus

Phone menus are convenient for both your employees and whoever is calling your company. Callers will be able to use the menu to get the information they need or to speak to the specific person they're looking for. Your employees will benefit by not having to answer unnecessary calls that could be handled with a virtual system.


A business phone system will allow you to create multiple custom voicemails. Having a voicemail feature will prevent you from missing important messages when no one is available to answer the phone. You can set up different voicemails for each division of your company, or even for each employee.

Voicemail transcription

Rather than having to sit through and listen to long voicemails, some business phone systems will allow you to get a transcribed version of voice messages. This makes it easier for you to locate important information in the message much faster. 

On-hold music

On-hold music will make being on hold less frustrating for people who call your business. Sitting on the phone in total silence can become frustrating rather quickly. Having something to listen to while on hold will make callers more likely to stay on the line until someone can pick up.

System management software

Many business phone systems will come with software that will allow you or your employees to manage the system. This will allow you to customize and change features as needed.

To learn more about business phone solutions, consult a resource in your area.