Four Reasons You Can't Live Without The Internet

In the 1990s, technology experienced some rapid growth and introduced the world to what we know as the internet. The worldwide web had started, and it began expanding to different major cities in the United States. Before the internet, we relied on paper maps, encyclopedias, and local weather TV channels for daily questions and updates. Now we have answers at our fingertips and have a way to find them immediately. Here are four reasons you can't live without the internet today.

Video Chats

If you wanted to talk to a relative thirty years ago, you had to dial their number on the home phone and chat. Today, we can take our ability to connect with our loved ones for granted because of how easy it is to do. You can video chat over the internet on your phone, laptop, or remote webcam. The video and audio quality are great, so we don't have to miss a beat.


Everyone relies on their phones and the internet to look up maps and directions. Real-time maps that navigate you step-by-step were unheard of before the 90s. The easy access to the internet on different devices replaced the need for popular GPS modules in the car. Now your phone can do it all as long as it is connected to the internet. If you make a wrong turn, you can be rerouted and save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Paper maps in the dash of the car are a thing of the past. Millennials wouldn't even be able to imagine what life would be like relying on a paper map.


Almost everyone you know has their own email address. We receive personal mail, catalogs, school information, and so many other things through this type of communication daily. It is a free method of communication that has several security measures to keep our stuff safe. Without the internet, we would be relying on our physical mailboxes more often, and we would not have quick access to documents. The ability to communicate via email was a game-changer for everyone.

Online Shopping

Online shopping may be one of the biggest ways the internet has changed our lives. The ability to connect consumers and brands has changed the way we market and consume products. We now rely on customer reviews and have purchasing power at the push of a button. Shopping can be done from anywhere you have internet, and you can have your purchases shipped right to your door.

Living without the internet would affect our lives in many different ways. We are lucky to have the internet providing convenience and connection for all of us. This type of innovation is a great way to contribute to society and make life easier.