3 Benefits Of Hiring An After-Hours Answering Service For Your Health Clinic

While you may not offer 24-hour care at your health clinic, that doesn't mean you won't benefit from the help of an after-hours answering service. There are actually a variety of good reasons to consider hiring an answering service for your health clinic. Here are just a few of those reasons:

Save Some Time in the Morning

One great reason to hire an after-hours answering service for your health clinic is to save your team some time on paperwork and calling people back in the morning so they can spend more time actually working with your patients. Your answering service can get much more detail from your patients when they call you after hours than an answering machine or voicemail service can.

During every call they can find out exactly what kinds of health issues are being experienced, exactly what kind of support a patient is looking for, and when the best time to reach the patient is. So when you and your team gets in to the clinic each morning, you'll have a complete print out of all the calls you got overnight that are easy to read and organize. Your team can then quickly figure out what each caller needs and schedule call backs in the system for later in the day without having to sit around and listen to a bunch of messages themselves.

Keep Your Patients Happy

Utilizing an after-hours answering service will also give you an opportunity to better serve your patients so they stay happy with your care and don't end up finding another doctor to work with. Being able to speak to a live person when they call your clinic no matter what time of day it is will help make your patients feel valued and listened to.

Instead of having to talk to a machine and wonder if their message will even be heard, they'll know that they got their message across and have a clear understanding of when they can expect to hear back from you by the time they're done speaking with your answering service. And the personalized care they experience when communicating with your answering service will help keep them from feeling the need to find another doctor as time goes on.

Effectively Communicate Messages

An after-hours answering service can also help you effectively communicate messages to patients when they call in. If your office will be closed for a day or more for any reason, your answering service can relay that message to callers during the days leading up to the closure. And if you will be adopting new hours, a new intake process, or a new waiting room design, your answering service can communicate those messages for you so your patients know what to expect next time they visit your clinic.

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