Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Copper Telephone Lines

Although copper cable landlines used to be the go-to for business communication, VoIP is now being recommended by IT consultants. In fact, there are some companies that are refusing to repair copper cabling because they view it as being outdated. Keep reading to learn a few reasons as to why copper cabling is not as popular as it once was and why you should opt for an online business phone system as opposed to your current copper landlines.

Copper Landlines Are Insecure

When it comes to copper cabling, there is a field of interference that tends to be produced around it. This can be a significant issue when there are several copper cables around one another because the interference can bleed into the other cables, resulting in security risks and messaging issues. Therefore, it is incredibly important to make the switch from copper cables to an online business phone system like VoIP if you are concerned about scammers and data leaks. Also, when the copper cables deteriorate, they can become a serious fire hazard, placing your property and your employees at risk of damage and injury.

Copper Landlines Are Expensive

Due to the fact that copper is reliant on a relatively volatile Latin American market, the prices of copper will fluctuate quite a lot. In addition, copper is a pretty heavy material, which tends to increase the cost of transportation. The metal is also hard to store due to the fact that it is unable to be exposed to oxygen. On the other hand, VoIP has far fewer hardware needs, which makes it a more affordable option when it comes to business communication.

Copper Landlines Offer Poor Call Quality

Copper cabling is prone to weather damage that can potentially result in issues with performance, particularly if some components of the network are older or worn out. In addition, online business systems like VoIP offer much better call quality when long-distance phone calls are being made. With that being said, if your company currently or plans to work with clients or partners in other countries, it is imperative that you make the switch from copper cabling.

Many businesses do not even realize that copper cable landlines have the aforementioned issues. However, as a business owner, if you want to ensure you are able to provide your customers and clients with exceptional service, the upgrade from copper cabling to an online business system is essential. 

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